Meet Cameron, Cam to her friends

Meet Cameron, Cam to her friends

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One of our new Intriguing Faces painting series. Every Face tells a story; some stories are easy to guess, others may be a bit of a surprise, but all are intriguing.

Cameron or Cam as she is known to her friends never met a blush or lipstick she didn’t like.  After high school graduation and a short stint at her local community college, she enrolled in beautician school specializing in her first love of make-up.  Cameron is living in her mother’s basement trying to save money though most of her disposable income goes to Sephora to fund her make-up obsession.   

She always wanted to be a make-up artist to the Stars.   She is contemplating a move to LA to fulfill that dream; hoping to be discovered and expecting to find work on a film set.  Currently, she assists her friend Ashley doing make-up for large bridal parties.  Settling for Bridezillas and their entourages, she dislikes that she can’t follow her own make-up artistic vision and finds the gluing individual eyelashes to be quite tedious.   

We wish Cameron well.


Kindly note that Cameron and all the Intriguing Face character stories are fictional and any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidence.

Cameron's painting is mixed media (acrylic and markers) on 9x12 paper, signed and dated on the back and ready for framing.  Options includes with and without Matting; finished size when matted =  12x16.  Free Shipping within the USA.