Meet Valentina, a free spirit

Meet Valentina, a free spirit

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One of our new Intriguing Faces painting series. Every Face tells a story; some stories are easy to guess, others may be a bit of a surprise, but all are intriguing.

As a child Valentina trained in classical ballet.  She still has the perfect posture and damaged feet to prove it.  Today she's teaches paddle board yoga near Marina Del Ray and practices reiki massage with her following of yummy mummies.  Disappointing her classmates she missed her 10 year high school reunion while backpacking through India after an extended stay at in Ashram.   She has her calendar blocked and can’t wait to attend her 20th next month.


Kindly note that Valentina and all the Intriguing Face character stories are fictional and any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidence.

Valentina's painting is mixed media (acrylic and markers) on 9x12 paper, signed and dated on the back and ready for framing.  Options includes with and without Matting; finished size when matted =  12x16.  Free Shipping within the USA.