Meet Collette
Meet Collette

Meet Collette

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One of our new Intriguing Faces painting series. Every Face tells a story; some stories are easy to guess, others may be a bit of a surprise, but all are intriguing.  Colette’s unique story is from guest contributor.  We look forward to seeing a more detailed version of Colette’s story in a movie script.

Colette was born to a humble family in rural France during the roaring 20s.  She spent her early adolescent in a small village during the Great Depression.  She left home after her parents died and made her way to Paris towards the end of the 30s. As an emerging artist she found her new city to be an inspiring place for the creation of art and ideas.

The sheer joy and excitement of the City of Lights was short lived as men from East of the Rhine came rolling into her adopted city. She quickly realized in this new environment, she would need to trade more than just her art to survive. 

Mid-level German officers would frequent her apartment bringing comforts in exchange for favors and the warmth of her bed.  She only kept the necessities for survival, (food, humble clothes, art supplies), she passed the rest of her bounty to fellow countrymen as form of penance for her shame of compromise and collaboration.

As the Allies invaded Normandy, then Bastogne, and eventually Paris, her Bavarian benefactors slowly vanished yielding to lethal STDs, reassignment to the Russian Front or a death compliments of the French Resistance.  Their numbers continued to dwindle, Colette found herself alone.

Her countrymen all too soon forgot her largesse and generosity in sharing her short lived wealth, but remembered her willingness to support the National Socialists.  They transported Colette and her fellow street women to L’Arc de Triumph to administer justice by publicly shaming and branding the supporters of the former occupation force.

They scalped the right side of her face with a hot iron poker from the top of her head to left her eyebrow to her cheek; forever scarring this once beautiful woman.  For the rest of her days she would brandish the mark of a traitor.

Fast forward 15 years, Collette has found a steady job as a Parisian subway toll booth operator. She gives guidance to tourists on how to navigate her adoptive city. She hides her scars through heavy makeup and under the cap of her uniform. She feels some peace now as her workspace is dimly lit.  However, whenever she meets a tourist with a German accent, she shakes still haunted by memories.


Kindly note that Colette and all the Intriguing Face character stories are fictional and any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidence.

Colette's painting is mixed media (acrylic and markers) on 9x12 paper, signed and dated on the back and ready for framing.  Options includes with and without Matting; finished size when matted =  12x16.  Free Shipping within the USA.