Intriguing Faces

Welcome to our new Intriguing Faces painting collection.  Every Face tells a story; some stories are easy to guess, others may be a bit of a surprise, but all are intriguing

I’ve been asked, What’s your inspiration for this collection  It’s people that I’ve met through my world travels and their life stories.  I’ve lived in many places, worked in global business with dynamic and talented people and found myself parked in many an airport waiting for a flight.  I’ve found that every traveler has a story, some will readily share their life story and with others you have to guess.  Most life stories are multi-layered, some intriguing, some inspiring and some sad.  My intriguing faces are a composite of uniqueness and stereotypes of people I’ve met.

Kindly note that all the Intriguing Face character stories are fictional and any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidence.